Weber Smokefire - Preview

grilling Feb 11, 2020
Weber's new line of Smokefire pellet grills promises to combine the ease and flavor of pellet smoking with the searing capability of a gas grill.

Set to release in January 2020 (pushed to February 2020) the new Weber Smokefire line of pellet grills include some interesting new features. See the highlighted features below and stay tuned for more information once I get first hand experience with it.

Weber Smokefire Schematics and Documents

Standard Features

  • EX4 is $1000 with 672 square inches of cooking space (432 primary 24"x18", 240 secondary 24"x10") Part # 22510001
  • EX6 is $1200 with 1008 square inches of cooking space (648 primary 36"x18", 360 secondary 36"x10") Part # 23510001
  • Porcelain-enameled finish prevents rusting/flaking (Same coating used on Weber's other products)
  • Double-walled Sides
  • Single walled bottom, top and lid
  • Plated Steel Cooking Grates
  • 4 Swivel Casters (2 locking)
  • Stainless steel side table (Can't find dimensions)
  • Side handle
  • 2 Hooks for hanging utensils
  • Includes 1 meat probe, 1 drip pan and 1 scraper for cleaning
  • Assembled in Illinois from globally sourced parts
  • Assembly estimated to take 1-2 hours

Cooking features

  • Standard temperature range of 200-600 degrees (In 5 degree increments)
  • Select "Smoke Boost" at the start of a cook and the pellets will smoke and smolder between 165-200 degrees.
  • No smoke stack. Uses rear "louvers" or vents to retain more heat and decrease warm-up time
  • Reaches 600 degrees in 15 minutes
  • 5.75" clearance between lower and upper grates
  • 11.75" clearance between lower grate and the lid

Control Panel and Weber Connect Smartphone App

  • Weather Resistant LCD Display
  • Supports Bluetooth and Wifi (2.4Ghz only)
  • Has integrated thermocouple for grill temperature
  • Has 4 additional ports for monitoring food temperature (1 is included with the grill, compatible with iGrill probes)
  • There is a "channel" at the back of the lid to allow for probe wires to fit into the grill without damaging them.
  • Notifies you on everything from when it's time to flip & serve to food readiness countdowns and doneness alerts.
  • Provides temperature monitoring on your phone
  • At launch will not allow grill control, though the manual notes that it is possible. (May require future software update)


  • 22lb Capacity
  • Low pellet warning when approx. 2lbs of pellets are remaining to accommodate a full 20lb bag
  • Pellet clean-out on the back to easily remove remaining pellets
  • 1-2lbs of Pellets per hour at 200-275 degrees


  • Short length from the back of the grill
  • DC powered variable speed
  • Inclined auger to prevent hopper fires and jams
  • Will feed pellets back into the hopper when shutdown to prevent fires

Flavorizer bars

  • 4-6x Side Stainless steel bars (17.1" x 2.5")
  • 1x center porcelain-enameled bar (16.6" x 8")
  • Designed to distribute heat evenly across the cooking surface (Some preliminary reviews indicate there will be some temp variance)
  • Allows flames to make direct contact with food to sear during high heat grilling


  • Grease is channeled to disposable drip pans (Brand-new system that needs tested for efficacy)
  • Ash falls below the firepot into a tray for easy cleanup (Brand-new system that needs tested for efficacy)
  • Includes a scraper to aid in cleaning


  • 3 Years, Electrical Components, Cooking Grates, Pellet Slide, Burn Pot, Heat Baffle, Pellet Grate, Controller Bezel
  • 5 years, Cookbox and all other Components


  • Grill covers w/3year Warranty - $60/EX4 Part #7190, $80/EX6 Part #7191
  • Drip Pans - $12 for 10-pack Part #6498
  • Gourmet BBQ Grates $90 Part #7586  (Weber support said this fits the EX4 perfectly, EX6 would be offset or would require removal of 1 grate to center the circular opening)
  • iGrill Probes $15 Part #7211 (May have SmokeFire specific probes at launch, but these are compatible)
  • Rotisserie - Currently NOT compatible with any Rotisserie
  • Side Shelf (Rumored)
  • Front Shelf (Rumored)
  • Larger Casters (Rumored)
  • 12V Power Kit (Rumored)

Pellets - $17/20lbs

  • Apple, 40% Apple, 60% Maple, Part #190004
  • Mesquite, 40% Mesquite, 60% Oak, Part #190003
  • Hickory, 40% Hickory, 60% Oak, Part #190002
  • Cherry, 40% Cherry, 60% Maple, Part #190005
  • GrillMaster Blend, 34% Maple, 33% Hickory, 33% Cherry, Part #190001


  • Direct from Weber
  • Lowes
  • BBQGuys
  • Amazon
  • HomeDepot will NOT have the grill in 2020 (Assuming a timed exclusive deal with Lowes)
  • Most other places that sell Weber are expected to have it